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So its Malifaux

I got in contact yesterday with a local Infinity player. He has a group of about 5 people that play out of the shop nearest to my home. He also said they were playing Malifaux.

I’ve loved this game since launch, bought in and never found an opponent.

I love the scale of the figures and that you play on a 3X3 table. Plus its a diceless game!

So, this of course means I need to get a force of my own..

In researching today, I found out that the game is in its second edition and has had 2 expansions since I played last. Not to mention re-sculpts and plastic figures.

I have my eye on two factions,

The ten thunders


and the Neverborn


I ordered the 2nd edition rulebook and the cards since they are hard to find. I’ll let you know what faction I settle on and if I ever make it to the table.

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