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Episode 108 Shownotes

Time Stories Under the Mask



D-day Peleiu

Pendragon Fall of Britain


Century Spice Road


Eastern Wonders

Disc Golf

Age of Sigmar

Warhammer 40,000

Warhammer 30,000


Vampire CCG

Black Lotus sold for 27k

Interbellum RPG Up On Kickstarter

Solomon Kane

Eye Deep in Hell

The Fall of Delta Green

Star Wars CCG still lives

SSO Kickstarter

Cheap Terrain?

The Toys That Made Us (TV Series 2017– ) – IMDb

Weird Chair

Dice Dungeon

Anita Sarkeesian to be a guest of honor at Gen Con this year

Gamergate controversy – Wikipedia

Warhammer, for kids!

No vassal module for Lincolns War

Red Alert Command and Colors

Free Warlord Games PDFS

Paradox Board Games

















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