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Sound as the Pound

When Brexit happened,  crazy things started happening.

The pound took a swan dive and I have been doing everything I can to prop up the British wargaming economy.


Let’s take a look at what has interested me enough to order:

 By Fire and Sword

I am a huge fan of Pike and Shot gaming. This system also includes prominently one of the most badass troop type of the dark ages.

So I ordered, the rulebooks, a skirmish set (their version of a starter) and a box of the above Hussars.


I also ordered the DVDs.

I like the 15mm scale, skirmish level games are played on a 4X4 table and the period. I need an opposing force, maybe the Swiss? The next thing I picked up, or rather back up is:



Love the idea of dark age gaming, love skirmish gaming even more. Relatively low model count and a unique dice system make this a great game. The fact that I found a local player is a big plus.

I am playing Normans, as that’s where my last name came from.

The aforementioned local player is big into ancients. Yay! So for the 3rd time in my life I will be attempting to get into ancient gaming.  Starting with:

DBA 3.0

Not to be a dick, but I had no idea Phil Barker was still alive. Good for him. This is the ancient system that started it all, at least for me. I do not know the differences between the this and the last edition, but I would love to give it a shot.


What has always attracted me to this game, is its small scale. Now I just need some of those little sticks…

L’Art de la Guerre

Now this one took me forever to locate a copy. I first heard of this game when I read FOG was going out of print. I knew FOG had a rabid following and I wondered what system they were moving to.


I hear its “less complex” and requires a lot less bases to play. Still 15mm.

Other things I am interested in:

Hail Caesar 

Black Powder


Just waiting on some restocks.

I can’t express enough, if you have ever thought about some UK based rules or figures, now is the time!



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